HST 150 paper 4 WA5 - The Scientific and Industrial...

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The Scientific and Industrial Revolutions were extremely important time periods that have left their mark on the world. However, without the Scientific Revolution it is highly unlikely that the Industrial Revolution would have succeeded as well as it did. The Scientific Revolution came first in the 16 th and 17 th century, but came around in Europe during the Renaissance era and continued through the late 18 th century. One can argue though that the Scientific Revolution took place at the same time as the Industrial Revolution due to the science that was needed for the Industrial Revolution. The Scientific Revolution was an era of new ideas and knowledge that took swept the world. The areas studied were physics, astronomy, biology, medicine and chemistry. What was found changed the views of many scientists and began the foundations for a modern science. “Newton’s rules underline the simplicity of assumptions that nature is uniform and not unnecessarily complex…Nature follows laws that humans can derive by experiment and induction.” The Chinese worked in acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine while the Europeans worked with dissection and surgery. The Europeans named parts that they dissected and tried to find out how and why the human body worked, which differentiated them from India, China and Japan. Most importantly, the Scientific Revolution created a systematic means of inquiry that used the rules of hypothesis, experimentation, theory testing, law and diffusion. A group of scientists worked together to validate or dismiss the work that had been done. Astronomy became a huge topic that was studied during the Scientific Revolution. Not only did
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HST 150 paper 4 WA5 - The Scientific and Industrial...

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