HST 150 paper 8 - WA 9 The First World War came about due...

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WA 9 The First World War came about due to many conflicts. Some of these conflicts were caused by the alliance of international systems and imperialism. After a Bosnian Serb nationalist was shot in 1914 it appeared that national-self-determination could turn into an infinite regress where smaller units would begin to separate themselves from “foreign” domination. The First World War amplified the loss of a belief in progress, mistrust of technology, and the loss of a belief in Western cultural superiority. It also encouraged the rejection of class distinctions, traditional sexual roles, and a rejection of the past. The rise of the nationalist movement and international organizations were just two consequences of the First World War (Reilly). The intense nationalism, rough colonial rivalries and a fight for the balance of power in Europe led to the First World War. Also, between 1871 and 1914 European governments adopted foreign policies that steadily increased the dangers of having a war. In order to not be alone in a hostile world, national leaders sought other countries to form alliances with. Two hostile alliances in Europe that were formed were the Allies and the Central Powers. The alliances helped spread the war from the Balkans. At the end of the nineteenth century the issue of nationalism remained unresolved in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Aggressive nationalism was obvious in economic competition and colonial conflicts which created dangerous rivalries among the major European powers. All industrialized nations in Europe competed economically but none as aggressively as the rivalry between Great Britain and Germany (BZS). Many European states underwent economic and political change in the 19
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HST 150 paper 8 - WA 9 The First World War came about due...

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