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What is college life off campus? Kelly: “Danny is throwing a party tonight. He asked me to tell you about it and wants you to come!” Arlene: “I can’t, I have to work the 80’s rollerblading night for UNCWeekends. I have to set a good example for the kiddies”. Kelly: “But, you don’t have to behave anymore. You have successfully endured six months of acting like a twelve year old in college while working orientation. You told me you don’t even have to attend all the weekend events.” Arlene: “Yea, I have kind of started getting myself too involved again this semester. It is okay for me to party, but it is not okay for me to party with a bunch of drunk freshman. Kelly: “Danny really likes you, who cares if freshman see you? It’s not like they will change their sinful ways because Arlene Gonzalez has officially stopped going out.” Arlene: “Is this going to be just like another Kappa Sigma party? I hate going to someone’s tiny house with hundreds of random people I can’t even talk to. I mean, I could go if it was small,
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