346 exam 2 - Gender typing-etiology(casual origin) Gender...

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Gender typing-etiology(casual origin) Gender is affected by the strong influence of both parental expectations and gender socialization Stereotypical Male traits? Neurosurgeons for males, cooks for females. Stereotypical Female traits? S.Ben’s Gender types: 1.Masculinity (some masculine females) 2.Feminitiy (some feminine males) 3.Androgyny (vague characteristics)- most adaptive. Able to determine both male and female characteristics 4.Undifferentiated-least adaptive Gender Differences in Personality There is a higher desirability of masculine over feminine charecteristics. Women-more constitutionally stronger than men. More neurologically developed from birth till puberty. Women tend to outlive men. Men-more susceptible to diseases and disabilities than females Freud: “Anatomy is Destiny”:biological justification that men and women must think, act and feel differently for biological reasons since we have different organs and hormones and look diff. For Freud a boy acquires his superego as he resolves the Oedipus complex and recast the idea of marrying his mother. Girls who already lack a penis develop a weaker conscious(leads to male dominance at the time period) Horney’s reinterpretation of penis envy as “repressed womenhood” (early social psychological model) Women are more neurotic than men-they are made to feel inferior according to Horney. Modern Day social psychosocial research on gender videorecorded interactions between teachers and students. Interactions between females and male teachers and students. Sampled elementary and middle schools. Quantitative- regardless of gender of teacher and teacher styles, men were more active than females students with teachers. Men were called 3-4 times more than females. When you are involved more, you learn better. It’s a repeated effect from 2-6 th grade. Higher rate of males than females in graduate programs Qualitative. Emerged when incorrect answers . A female provided wrong answers, they would give the right answers. If males were given the incorrect answer, they showed them how to work it out. Self sufficiency model(How to get it yourself). Creates dependency for females. Differential media pressure-effect on body satisfaction Toughness on stains-we think males. Investment and cars-old man. Cleaning products-attractive females. Experimental design. Manipulated commercials. Typical male and female roles. The other group saw the same 4 commercials, but reversed the script and roles. Took part in the Asch-type conformity test(3 lines that are most similar, the women were more likely to break free from agreeing with the wrong answers if they saw non traditional answers. Also had more confidence in speech for giving the answer, even if they were wrong or right. If the whole group was saying B and it was the wrong answer, its testing if they would agree with everyone or just break free
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346 exam 2 - Gender typing-etiology(casual origin) Gender...

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