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Relationship Interview Tiffany Mast UNC Wilmington This couple was chosen because of their close relationship with each other and the interviewer. They are a friendly, open couple that understands that relationships are not perfect and that you have to work on them daily. The topics I chose to use were communication styles and approaches in conversation, what type of love do they have, and their attachment styles. I chose these topics because this particular couple seems to be able to work through any problem and genuinely love one another for who they are, including their flaws. I wanted to get better insight to how they might deal with these specific aspects and if the way they deal with them follows the text. The wife is a 29 year-old, Caucasian woman who graduated high school and works as a unit clerk and CNA 2 in a hospital. She is married to, and lives with her husband, a 32 year-old, Caucasian male who works as a general contractor. They have one child, a boy, who is 2 years old and lives with them as well. They both only graduated from high school, and the wife went to community college to get her certification as a CNA 2 and unit clerk. The husband inherited his contracting business through his father. Arranging the interview was a slightly difficult process since I work with the wife and we both work between thirty six and fifty hours a week. However, we were able to set up a time when we happened to not be working and the husband was free. The couple also made sure that they had a babysitter to watch their son, so that they would not have to worry about him during the interviewing period. The interview was held at the couple’s house in their living room. I sat on a loveseat that was diagonally adjacent to their couch, which is where to two sat beside each other. Their INTERPERSONAL SPACE was considered to be at an intimate level the entire length of the interview (Miller & Perlman, 2009). The intimacy was portrayed not only by sitting with only a few inches between them, but also by their loving nature towards each other and also a playful nature, while holding hands intermittently and smiling at one another. The overall atmosphere of the interview was positive, relaxed, open, and friendly. This was more than likely due to the fact that there is a close relationship between myself and the couple. Before I questioned the couple, I asked if they would feel comfortable discussing topics about their communication style, feelings of love for one another, and their general tendencies in their relationship. They stated that I could ask about any of those topics without them feeling
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uncomfortable at any point in time. Question 1: Have you seen a change in your communication with one another since you met and started your relationship with one another? This would include topics discussed or intensity of conversation (Miller & Perlman, 2009). (Textbook term: SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY) The couple stated that when they first began dating they would discuss movies, jokes, gossip about one another’s circle of friends, and types of food they
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writing sample 1-group paper - Relationship Interview...

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