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Sitong Jia Section 23 Extra Credit Assignment: Is America No. 1? To answer that question, yes. The reasons why include two concepts. Both of which, will kneel in favor of America’s superiority over those of the opposite persuasion. Thus, leaving America with the clear advantage to the throne of the number one country in the world. The two concepts are a part of the effect of laissez-faire economics on nations with such a marketplace. In most countries shown in the video with citizens whom are to be entrepreneurs, are much better off economically than those with governments that hinder the amount of freedom there is for citizens to start businesses. For example, the Internet was created in America instead of France, despite that France was one of the first countries to embrace computers. The difference between the two countries’ technologies was that the government controlled one country’s, and the other country’s was part of the private sector, or otherwise known as the free market. Thus demonstrating the concept
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