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Group Project Guidelines - Business 10 Guidelines for the...

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Business 10 Guidelines for the Group Project Project Description : As discussed at the first lecture, there are many types of businesses and organizations you can pick from to analyze. Your choices do not need to be profit-making ventures. However, the primary objective of each is to provide a product or service. Each group will select an industry (e.g., retail, food service, transportation, health care, charitable organizations) and a specific organization within that industry (e.g., Nordstrom, Marshall’s, UCLA Medical Center, Cedar-Sinai Hospital, United Way, Red Cross, etc.) Ultimately, you will focus on a product or service you believe would be a useful addition to the company’s product/service offerings (e.g., clothing, sports equipment, surgery, financial assistance, etc.) and develop a business plan for this “product extension.” You will need to utilize the course materials to investigate the numerous issues confronting how the “extension” fits into and affects the already existing “mix” of the company, how to identify and implement a strategy for delivering the “extension” to the organization’s customer, and how to evaluate the impact on the overall success of the organization that the “extension” may have. Deliverables : Each group will produce and turn in a written report and will deliver an oral presentation in their discussion sections. 1. Written Report: The length of this document is not as important as the quality of its content. The document will present an analysis of your recommended business plans/strategy. For the purposes of the project, analysis means “what the organization is doing and why.” Not only will you need to rely on information gained through class lectures, discussion sections, and the course text, but also you will need to use library and other resources to gather information necessary to understand your chosen organization and industry. The “extension” need not be successful. That is, you can get a good grade for having suggested a “bad” idea provided you explain, with supporting facts, why the idea is not a good “extension.” The project will be graded on the adequacy and coverage of your examination, the accuracy of your research and analysis, the quality of the document’s content, and the clarity and understanding of the course material as demonstrated in the document’s analysis. Format and Length: The written report should be 10-15 pages, double-spaced, 12-point size font, 1-inch margins on all sides with cover page. Organization: Your group project should be organized professionally with an executive summary in the beginning and main contents organized into sections, with clearly identified and supported main ideas, presented in separate paragraphs. You are expected to use the business language and terminology you are learning in this class, as opposed to casual language. Correct use of grammar and spelling is a must.
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Group Project Guidelines - Business 10 Guidelines for the...

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