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MATH 543: Advanced Mathematical Statistics I Academic Year 2010–2011, Fall Semester Instructor : Dr. Bing-Yi JING. Email : [email protected] Room : 3489. Phone : 2358 7458. Main References : 1. Mathematical Statistics by J. Shao. 2. Theory of Point Estimation by E.L. Lehmann. 3. Statistical Inference , by G. Casella and R. L. Berger. Contents : This course is concerned with the theory of statistical inference
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Unformatted text preview: in Point Estimation. Topics include: sufficiency, ancillary statistics, completeness, UMVU estimators, information inequality, efficiency, asymptotic maximum likelihood theory, average risk optimality, minimaxity and admissibility. Assessment: Assignments : 20%. Final : 80%. 1...
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