5968-9726EN - Agilent E363xA Series Programmable DC Power...

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Agilent E363xA Series Programmable DC Power Supplies Data Sheet
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2 Reliable Power, Repeatable Results Single and triple output ¡# 80 W to 200 W output power ¡# Dual range output ¡# (except E3631A) Low noise and excellent ¡# regulation Remote sensing ¡# (except E3631A) Front and rear output ¡# terminals (E3633A/34A only) GPIB and RS-232 standard ¡# Save and recall functions ¡# Overvoltage protection, ¡# Overcurrent protection (except E3631A) Clean and stable power with programmability at an affordable price Affordable programmable power supplies to meet your needs The E363xA Series of programmable DC power supplies gives you the performance of the system power supplies at a decent price. All models provide clean power, excellent regulation and a fast transient response with built-in GPIB and RS-232 interfaces. The E363xA Series is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in R&D design veriFcations, production testing, and QA veriFcations with traditional quality and reliability which you can count on. Excellent performance you can trust With the 0.01% load and line regulation, the E363xA Series can maintain a steady output when power line and load changes occur. The power supplies specify both normal mode voltage/current noise and common mode current noise. The low normal mode noise speciFcation assures clean power for precision circuitry applications, and the low common mode current provides isolation from power line current injection. Remote Interface If you have an IEEE-488 card or RS-232 in a PC, these power supplies will work for you. Every model comes equipped with both GPIB and RS-232 as standard. All programming is done in easy-to-use SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). The user’s guide describes the process for the Frst-time programmers. Front Panel Operation A knob and self-guiding keypads allow you to set the output at your desired resolution quickly and easily.
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5968-9726EN - Agilent E363xA Series Programmable DC Power...

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