f1515 week 5 - Fi-515-Week5 1 What is the net cost of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Fi-515-Week5 1. What is the net cost of the spectrometer-Year 0 net cash flow? Basic Price-$70,000 Modification-$15,000 Increase Working Capital-$4,000 Total-$89,000=(89,000)-Outflow 2. Net operating cash flows Years 1, 2, 3. Total amount of depreciation-$85,000 Year 1= 33.33%*85,000=$28,330.50 Year 2=44.45%*85,000=$37,782.50 Year 3=14.81%*85,000=$12,588.50 Total years 1, 2, 3=$78,701.50 Book value=$6,298.50 Tax rate=40% Savings=$25,000 Year1=$25,000-$28,330.50=-$3,330.50 Year2=$25,000-$37,782.50=-$12,782.50 Year3=$25,000-$12,588.50=$12,411.50 Year1 Tax Credit=40%*-$3,330.50=$1,300 Year2 Tax Credit=40%*-$12,782.50=$5,113 Year3 Tax Credit=40%*$12,411.50=-$4,964.60 Year1 Operating Cash Flow=$25,000+$1,300=$26,300 Year2 Operating Cash Flow=$25,000+$5,113=$30,113 Year3 Operating Cash Flow=$25,000+(-$4,964.60)=$20,035 3. Additional non-operating cash flow Sale price after 3 years=$30,000 Book value=$6,298.50 Gain=$30,000-$6,298.50=$23,701.50 Tax=40%*$23,701.50=$9,480.60 After tax Cash Flow=$30,000-$9480.60=$20,519.40 Working Capital=$4,000 Non-Operating Cash Flow=$20,519.40+$4,000=$24,519.40 4. If cost of capital is 10%, should spectrometer be purchased? Discount rate = %10 Year 0= -89,000*1=-89,000 Year 1= 26,300*.909091=23,909 Year 2=30,113*.826446=24,887 Year 3= 44,514*.751315=33,474 Total=-6,730=Negative NPV-do not purchase spectrometer. ...
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f1515 week 5 - Fi-515-Week5 1 What is the net cost of the...

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