EE 230 Final Exam Fall 2006

EE 230 Final Exam Fall 2006 - EE 230 Final Exam Fall 2006...

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Page 1 of 11 EE 230 NAME ______________________ Final Exam Fall 2006 Instructions: There are 8 short questions and 8 problems. The points allocated to each of the questions are as indicated. The problems are all equally weighted with an assigned weight of 10 points each. All work should be included on the exam itself. Attach additional sheets only if you run out of space on a problem. Students may bring 6 pages of notes to the exam. Calculators are permitted but can not be shared. Questions: 1. (2pts) What parameter of the operational amplifier specifies the maximum rate of change of the output voltage? 2. (2pts) Where are the poles of a circuit located if the circuit is to perform as a sinusoidal oscillator? 3. (2pts) What parameter of a MOS transistor plays the dominant role in determining the small-signal output conductance? 4. (2pts) If the + and – terminals of an op amp used in a basic noninverting feedback amplifier are interchanged, the resulting circuit will perform as a comparator with hysteresis. Sketch the transfer characteristics of this comparator. . 5. (2pts) Consider a signal f(t)=A 1 sin(500t)+A 2 sin(1000t)+A 3 cos(2000t) where A 1 , A 2 and A 3 are slowly varying variables. What is the minimum rate that this signal must be sampled at to have sufficient information in the samples to recover the signal?
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EE 230 Final Exam Fall 2006 - EE 230 Final Exam Fall 2006...

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