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EE 230 HW 1 Spring 2010

EE 230 HW 1 Spring 2010 - that he has obtained Problem 3...

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EE 230 Homework Assignment 1 Spring 2010 Problem 1. Departmental alum, Sehat Sutardja (BSEE 1983) started a semiconductor company after a short stint in industry. a) What is the name of the company he co-founded? b) How do the annual sales of this company in 2009 compare to the combined value of all of the corn and soybeans produced in Iowa in a typical year. c) What is the market capitalization of this company today? Problem 2 Sutardja received a Ph.D. in 1988 from Berkeley from one of the most distinguished professors in the electronics field. a) Who was the professor? b) He published a paper in the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits in December of that year. Obtain the abstract for that paper. c) What is the subject of that paper? d) What semiconductor technology was used in the integrated circuit he published? e) He has obtained several patents. Obtain the abstract for one of the patents
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Unformatted text preview: that he has obtained. Problem 3 Flash memories use transistors configured on an integrated circuit to store information digitally. What is the approximate average area per bit of information stored in a flash memory today? Problem 4 A hard disk stores information magnetically on the surface of a circular disk. What is the approximate average area per bit of information on a hard disk drive today? Problem 5 Audio data is stored in digital form on a DVD or CD and this data is converted back to analog form by passing the digital data to a Digital to Analog (D/A) converter. What is the number of bits of resolution that is typically used in consumer audio systems? How many analog levels can this D/A provide? Problem 6 Sedra and Smith Problem 1.4 Problem 7 Sedra and Smith Problem 1.11 Problem 8 Sedra and Smith Problem 1.14 Problem 9 Sedra and Smith Problem 1.16...
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