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EE 230 Homework 13 Spring 2010 Solve any 5 of the following 8 problems. Problem 1 A 4-bit ADC has the first transition point at V LSB and subsequent transition points spaced V LSB apart. If V REF for this ADC is 5V, what is the quantization error for VIN=0.33V? Problem 2 If a sampling clock is fixed at 10KHz, what is the maximum frequency component of an input signal that can be present if there is to be no aliasing in the ADC process? Problem 3 Assume a signal is band limited to 1KHz but there is an unwanted component present at 3.2KHz. If the desired signal is a 100Hz sinusoid of amplitude 3V p-p centered around 2.5V and V REF =5V, determine the magnitude of the aliased signal and the frequency of the aliased signal if the input is sampled at 2KHz and the amplitude of the undesired 3.2KHz signal is 0.5V p-p (and also centered around 2.5V). Problem 4 If a lowpass filter with a dc gain of 1 and 3 poles, all at 3KHz is used as an antialiasing filter, at what frequency will the aliased signal of Problem 2 appear and what
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