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EE 230 Lab 8 Extra Credit Spring 2010

EE 230 Lab 8 Extra Credit Spring 2010 - EE 230 Experiment 8...

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Page 1 of 2 EE 230 Experiment 8 Supplement Spring 2010 Nonlinear Circuit Applications – Waveform and Nonlinear Function Generation Comparator Arrays This laboratory experiment is for extra credit only. Extra credit will be given based upon either partial or total completion of this experiment. This is intentionally less structured than the other laboratory experiments in this course and may require some information that has not been discussed in the lecture or laboratory part of this course. Components: 741 Operational Amplifier 1N4006 Diodes Assorted resistors Objectives: The objective of this experiment is to develop increased experience with nonlinear circuits and to provide an exposure to distortion and spectral characterization. Part 1 Sinusoidal Waveform Generation using Nonlinear Waveform Generators Design a sinusoidal waveform generator that will convert a triangle waveform into a sinusoidal waveform using a nonlinear diode function generator. With this approach, a piecewise linear approximation of a sinusoidal waveform can be obtained.
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