exp phy rutgers 2011

exp phy rutgers 2011 - Coaxial cable Canberra 2007P...

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Experiments and writeups Writeup Preparatory questions Supplementary reading Photoelectric effect questions supplement Melissinos notes on PE Faraday effect questions supplement wiki-suppelement supplement 2 X - rays Radiation Safety - READ BEFORE STARTING EXPERIMENT Important :You will need to obtain a radiation badge prior to doing this experiment. It takes several weeks to arrive. So plan ahead. Complete on-line training and quiz. Then apply for a radiation badge. (You will be automatically directed after completing the on- line training.) Enter Gabe Alba as the authoree and where it says "Please list name." The location of x-ray unit used is "Serin 133 x-ray questions Tutorial 1 Bragg's law applet Basics UCSB Cullity appendix
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unit". Electromagnetic boundary conditions Background information questions supplement useful reference Gamma ray spectroscopy- Radiation Safety - READ BEFORE STARTING EXPERIMENT questions
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Unformatted text preview: Coaxial cable Canberra 2007P Canberrra 2015A old writeup To extract the data Zeeman effect questions atomic spectra Speed of light questions Acousto-optic modulator SR 620 Universal time interval counter Franck Hertz Equipment and procedure questions Franck-Hertz tube Klinger experiment manual Raman Scattering You must read the sections on safety procedure in this laser manual before starting experiment. questions Introduction to Raman Spectroscopy Tutorial (CU) SA H-20 monochromete r YAG laser.manual Boxcar Integrator (Stanford Research Systems) Muon decay Teachspin-manual questions Manual for SR430 Power distribution Read before starting experiment to detectors Hyperphysics muon Wikipedia Jefferson lab MIT Remote muon expt Modern Interferometry Teach-spin-Interferometry questions Michaelson Interefreometer LIGO Michaelsom Morley...
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exp phy rutgers 2011 - Coaxial cable Canberra 2007P...

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