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PHYSICS 387/388 389 Experiments in Modern and Applied Physics SYLLABUS updates: Jan. 4, 2008 The first day of class of 2008 Spring semester will be on Wednesday Jan. 23. Generl eneral introduction to the course will be given and lab partners and the first experiment will selected. Experiments will begin in earnest on Monday, Jan. 28. To be able to do the X-ray diffraction experiment, you are required to take a simple online " training session ." All students who are enrolled in 388/389 must take this training session and receive radiation badge BEFORE starting the experiment. Contact Information: Course supervisor: Harry Kojima, [email protected], (732)445-3875, Serin 120W Course Assistant: Ross Fadely, [email protected], ( 732)445-5881, Serin 332W Students with Disabilities Class Hours: MW 3:20-4:40 PM If you are the last person to leave the lab, be sure to turn all lights off and lock all doors.
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Location: Serin 133W Group members and schedule of experiments(updated Oct. 8) Course Policies: Where possible students will work on experiments in pairs , doing five experiments during the semester. As in other laboratory courses, it is essential that each student reads the laboratory write up throughly in order to understand the physics involved before staring any experiment. Do not start an experiment before reading the total write up and understanding the entire procedure. Many of the equipment are delicate and expensive. Each student will write up a lab report (see below) for each experiment. The lab reports will be graded on a 0-10 scale. Penalties will be given to late reports. Lab reports must be typed. Hand written lab reports will not be accepted. If submitted before due dates, the reports will be given an initial evaluation and returned to you to make improvements. Your second submission will be counted towards final grade. At the end of the semester a histogram of all the points earned by each student will be made, and the grade boundaries (A - B+, B+ - B, etc.) will be drawn to determine each student's grade. Other Notes: Kaleidagraph plotting software is available on the newer PC next to the window facing the corridor. If you are interested in doing the X-ray experiment , take the simple online " training session " as soon as possible. Lab Report Outline:
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Physics 387 Home Page - PHYSICS 387/388 389 Experiments in...

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