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Physics 387 Home Page 2006 - PHYSICS 388 389 506...

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PHYSICS 388 389 506 Experiments in Modern and Applied Physics updates: May 1 final presentation schedule 3:20 Opening 3:25 " Electrical Transport in Materials " Joe Graves, Nathan Odell and Mark Sikora 3:37 " Cyclotron " Alex Archer and Anthony Barker 3:49 " Single Bubble Sonoluminescence " Kinga Partyka, Steve Rodan and Michael Solway 4:01 " Thermal Conduction in Zinc " Mat Carriuolo, Darrian Merza and Charles Pax 4:13 " Evaporative Metal Film Deposition " Will Baginski and Joe Rovner 4:25 " Low Energy Electron Diffraction " Pablo Mosteiro, Stan Solomovich and Jonathan Zrake 4:37 " AC Calorimetry " Shripad Vagle and Neil Wilson Apr 11 final presentations on May 1, 2006 by exploration groups Mar. 23 added interim report by UHV group Feb. 27 added interim report by vac. film deposition group Jan. 27 modified material physics I and II Jan. 25 added links to SL Jan. 20 added links to UHV and Vacuum film deposition Jan. 11 Nobel lecutre video by Robert H. Grubbs, "Olefin Metathesis Catalysts for the Synthesis of Molecules and Materials" Jan. 8, 2006 New course structure description. Results of Survey from end of Fall semester 2005 . I thank all students who participated and gave comments about the course in the physics 387/389 WebCT survey. We'll attempt to respond to your comments as much as possible. (HK) Jan. 6, 2006 WebCT for 388/389 is open Jan. 5, 2006 added laser and Raman spectroscopy write ups. announcements on: "low temperature experiments and pc-based instrumentation", "thin film deposition and surface plasmons" prior updates: Simple Error Analysis , Notes on lock-in amplifier , Notes on photomultiplier tube (gamma ray spectroscopy) Contact Information: Course supervisor: Harry Kojima, [email protected], (732)445-3875, Serin 120W Course Assistant: Kolya Klimov, [email protected], (732)445-2252, Serin 162E Class Hours: MW 3:20-4:40 PM
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Location: Serin 133W Group Members and Schedules Course Structure and Policies: Where possible students will work on experiments in pairs, or groups of three, if enrollment is large. Each group may choose from one of two tracks: (a) "traditional" or (b) "exploration." traditional : choose five (different from those done during Fall 2005 semester) among those available experiments (marked by * ). Manuals, equipment and set ups are available. You will write reports on the experiments and submit them according to schedule. exploration : choose one of those listed below and concentrate on it during the whole semester. Only one group will be assigned to each exploration topic. General laboratory procedures, equipment and manuals are provided, but specific details may not be given. Rough schedule and timeline will be provided . You will independently make detailed plan, research background physics, organize and execute the experiment. Keep in mind what equipment is available in the laboratory. Small amount of fund may be available for purchasing materials, devices, etc. You will submit an execution plan and make progress
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Physics 387 Home Page 2006 - PHYSICS 388 389 506...

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