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Physics 464 and 511 Mathematical Physics

Physics 464 and 511 Mathematical Physics - Announcements...

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Search Rutgers Search Physics Physics 464/511 Fall 2011 Mathematical Physics This is the website for 01:750:464, Mathematical Physics, and 16:750:511, Topics in Mathematical Physics Text: Introduction to Mathematical Physics by Michael T. Vaughn, ISBN 978-3-527-40627-2, Wiley-VCH will be the main text. I may add material if needed, with web-posted material. Class Meetings: What was in the course listings before April 5 has been changed. Class Meetings: Tuesday and Thursdays, 1:40-3:00, in ARC 203. Please be prompt. Do the reading in advance.
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Unformatted text preview: Announcements Students with Disabilities: Please see Accommodations for Students with Disabilities and talk to me. To submit a comment or report a problem with this site, please contact Prof. Shapiro . Links: Home page of Course GeneralCourse Info Syllabus Homeworks Announcements Other Refs Lecture Notes Exams Old Announcements Jump to: Rutgers University Main Site Physics Department Book web pages Joel Shapiro ( [email protected] ) Last modified: Fri May 6 09:58:30 2011...
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