Physics 464 and 511 Syllabus

Physics 464 and 511 Syllabus - 10/13 10/18 10/20 10/25...

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To print higher-resolution math symbols, click the Hi-Res Fonts for Printing button on the jsMath control panel. Search Rutgers Search Physics Physics 464/511, Fall 2011 Syllabus The syllabus will list the topic and readings for each lecture, the homework assignments, and the exams. Nothing is ready yet. More details to come. The syllabus is subject to change, often without advance notice, but the changes will probably be small. These will occur in response to the speed with which we cover material, individual class interests, and possible changes in the topics covered. Date Topic Reading L1 9/1 L2 9/6 L3 9/8 L4 9/13 L5 9/15 L6 9/20 L7 9/22 L8 9/27 L9 9/29 L10 10/4 L11 10/6 L12 10/11 Sometime around here, we will have a midtern exam
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Unformatted text preview: 10/13 10/18 10/20 10/25 10/27 L17 11/1 L18 11/3 L19 11/8 L20 11/10 L21 11/15 L22 11/17- - -11/22 No class. Officially a Wednesday- - -11/24 Happy Thanksgiving Links: Home page of Course GeneralCourse Info Syllabus Homeworks Announcements Other Refs Lecture Notes Exams Old Announcements Jump to: Rutgers University Main Site Physics Department Book web pages L23 11/29 L24 12/1 L25 12/6 L26 12/8 L27 12/13 Exam 12/?? Final exam, TBA To submit a comment or report a problem with this site, please contact Prof. Shapiro . Joel Shapiro ( [email protected] ) Last modified: Fri Apr 8 10:01:59 2011...
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Physics 464 and 511 Syllabus - 10/13 10/18 10/20 10/25...

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