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New Jersey Institute of Technology Student Name: Richard Czirbik New Jersey School of Architecture Environmental Control Systems I (Arch 227) Fall 2011 R. Taher Assignment 3 Passive Cooling Design Strategies Use the climatic data presented in the table below for the months of June, July and August, to plot a typical day of the hottest month on the bioclimatic chart for this climatological station. Based on this plot, select either a suitable passive cooling design
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Unformatted text preview: strategy or a conventional air-conditioning. Attach your bioclimatic chart with the completed plot. Daily Temp eratur e F Relati ve Humi dity (%) at Hour: Wind Mont h Norm al Extre me Mean Speed (mph) Prevailing Direction Max Min Max Min 00 06 12 18 June 79.0 56. 5 88.0 50.0 47 62 42 40 15.0 East July 86.6 60. 4 96.0 50.9 52 72 45 45 13.7 East August 85.9 59. 95.0 50.7 57 77 50 47 13.5 East Solution: natural ventilation....
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