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TUTORIAL CHAPTER 1 1. A mass of gas occupies 0.825 L at -30 and 556 Pa. What is the pressure if the volume becomes 2.00 L and the temperature 20? 2. A car tyre was inflated to a pressure of 24 lb in -2 on a winter’s day when the temperature was -5 0 C. What pressure will be found, assuming no leaks have occurred and that the volume is constant, on a subsequent summer’s day when the temperature is 35 o C? What complications should be taken into account in practice? (1.00 atm = 14.7 lb in -2 ) 3. A student collects 425 mL of oxygen at a temperature of 24°C and a pressure of 0.899 atm. How many moles of oxygen did the student collect? 4. The density of a gaseous compound was found to be 1.23kg m -3 at 330 K and 20 kPa. What is the molar of the compound? 5. A Dumas experiment to determine molar mass is conducted in which a gas sample’s P, Ө , and V are determined. If a 1.08 g sample is held in 0.250 dm
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Unformatted text preview: 3 at 303K and 101.3 kPa: a. What would the samples volume be at 273.15K at constant pressure? b. What is the molar mass of the sample? 6. What are the mole fraction and partial pressure of each gas in a 2.50 L container into which 100.00g of nitrogen and 100.00g of carbon dioxide are added at 25 o C? What is the total pressure? 7. In an industrial process, nitrogen is heated to 500 K at a constant volume of 1.00 m 3 . The gas enters the container at 300 K and 100 atm. The mass of the gas is 92.4kg. Use the van der Waals equation to determine the approximate pressure of the gas at its working temperature of 500 K. for nitrogen, a = 1.352 L 2 atm mol-2 , b = 3.87 x10-2 Lmol-1 . 8. Compare the pressures predicted for 0.8 dm 3 of Cl 2 weighing 17.5g at 273.15K using: a. The ideal gas equation and b. The van der Waals equation....
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