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PAM4470 10.27 Rxn Paper

PAM4470 10.27 Rxn Paper - Molly McMahon PAM4470 Goldin v...

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Molly McMahon PAM4470- Goldin v. Belkin 10.27.11 Can Women Really “Have It All”? Goldin discusses the shift from the “family-OR-career” cohort of early 20 th century college graduate women, to the “work-THEN-family” cohort 20-40 years later; fastforward, we see the “career-THEN-family” women, and finally all of this leading up to the latest generation of college graduate women of the 1990s, a cohort that Goldin claims wants to “have it all”, both “career-AND-family”. Diving further into this phenomenon, Goldin discusses factors that led these women to pursue not one or the other, nor one then the other, but both . The increase in white collar job opportunities, the rise in women’s educational training, as well as increased variance of women’s educational experiences, all contributed to this perspective of the modern woman. Furthermore, a more thorough knowledge of contraceptive techniques allowed women to obtain more control over their fertility and better plan for the “career-AND-family”. For these
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