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HA 3650_calendar_S12__1-23-12 (1) - Tentative Schedule...

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Tentative Schedule, Spring Semester 2012 HA 3650, Management Communication II, Lectures 1, 2, and 3 Date Main Topics Assignments Due Readings Mon 1/23 Introduction to HA 3650 Forming teams for Project #2 GENERAL THEORY AND PRACTICE OF PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS Wed 1/25 Definition and concepts of persuasion Historical and ethical frameworks for persuasion Introduction to Logos, Pathos, and Ethos H/w 1 Course documents “Persuasion in Today’s World” Fri 1/27 No class Mon 1/30 Key principles and theories of persuasion Role of persuasion in contemporary business, especially in the hospitality industry Introduction to Projects #1and 2 H/w 2 Antiphon, Prosecution and Defense Speeches Instructions for Projects #1 and 2 EMOTIONAL APPEAL (PATHOS) AND DELIVERY Wed 2/1 Introduction to emotional appeal (Pathos) Developing Pathos through delivery skills H/w 3 and 4 “Change through Persuasion” “The Power of Emotional Appeals” Fri 2/3 Team meetings: Brainstorm, analyze, and choose a potential client for Project #2 Draft your Team Contract (one per team) H/w 5 and 6 Mon 2/6 Balancing Pathos and audience expectations Choosing organizational patterns strategically Persuasion through automatic response, language, and symbols H/w 7 Ch. 1 (pp. 5-23, Munter and Russell) “Harnessing the Science of Persuasion” Wed 2/8 Delivery skills and storytelling in developing Pathos Reducing speech anxiety Watch “The King’s Speech” (optional but highly recommended) Ch. 6 (pp. 119-143, Munter and Russell) “Stories as Inspiration”
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HA 3650 Tentative Class Schedule, Spring 2012 Date Main Topics Assignments Due Readings Fri 2/10 Team meetings:
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