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HA_3650_Syllabus_S12__1-23-12 - HA 3650 MANAGEMENT...

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HA 3650 M ANAGEMENT C OMMUNICATION II C ORNELL U NIVERSITY S PRING S EMESTER , 2012 Instructor information Required materials Course description and objectives Maria Wolfe Office: 346 Statler Hall Tutorials: Thursdays 10:00-4:00 and by appointment Skype office hours: Fridays 1:00-3:00, address: “sha.communication.center.” E-mail: [email protected] Office phone: 607-255-8368 “Emergency phone”: 347-268-0677 Management Communication II: HADM 3650 . Pearson Custom Publishing. Read this book immediately, refer back to it often, and apply its principles to all your work in HA 3650. Munter, Mary. Guide to Managerial Communication. Refer back to this book, which you already have from HA 1165. All the principles covered in this book apply to your work in HA 3650—and to all the communication situations you will face in your career. Successful managers make effective—and strategic —communication choices. In concert with others, strong leaders develop and share an inspiring vision that directs actions and enhances morale. These leaders must influence others inside and outside the organization and must therefore build a repertoire of advanced communication skills, along with the ability to adapt these skills ethically to a variety of purposes, audiences, and channels. The goal of Management Communication II is to help you, as a future leader in the hospitality industry, successfully face an array of persuasive communication challenges. HA 3650 builds on the principles of effective managerial communication you learned in HA 1165 as well as the concepts of organizational behavior and interpersonal skills covered in HA 1115. HA 3650 will help you Understand advanced principles related to your previous study of presentational speaking, business writing, and team dynamics. Understand the theory and principles of
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HA 3650 Syllabus, Spring 2011 Projects and grading system Work standards persuasion and apply them to a variety of oral and written management communication situations. Make sound and appropriate decisions regarding communication channel, content, organization, tone, style, and so forth, to develop persuasive strategies for specific audiences and purposes. Design and deliver persuasive presentations, write persuasive documents, and influence others in various contexts. Apply your knowledge to critically evaluate management communication practices and to use your self-assessment to improve your own communication competencies. You will find the course provides intensive feedback on your individual communication abilities—from your instructor, the course teaching assistant (TA), and your classmates. Class activities include lectures, student presentations, team project, critiques of sample messages, and analysis of communication case studies.
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HA_3650_Syllabus_S12__1-23-12 - HA 3650 MANAGEMENT...

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