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NS 1200: NUTRITION AND HEALTH: ISSUES, OUTLOOKS AND OPPORTUNITIES 2012 LIST OF SPEAKERS W 12:20, Room G71 MVR Jan 25 Course Overview: Nutrition as an Integrative Discipline Cha-Sook You, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Division of Nutritional Sciences Feb 1 Career Considerations: Exploring and Strategic Action Paula Jacobs , Associate Director, Student Services & Premed Adviser, College of Human Ecology Jennifer DeRosa , Associate Director of Career Development, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Feb 8 Jeanne Moseley, Global Health Program Coordinator Joy Swanson, Director of Post-Bac Program Julie Carmalt, Assoc. Director of Sloan Program SELF-EVALUATION ASSIGNMENT DUE Feb 15 What Does Dietetics Involve? Emily Gier, MBA, RD, CDN, Lecturer, Dietetics Program, Nutritional Sciences DEADLINE FOR APPROVAL FOR CAREER SEARCH ASSIGNMENT Feb 22 Role of Genetics in Health and Nutrition Patrick Stover, Ph.D., Professor, Nutritional Sciences
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