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HO#2-Student Info Sheet for-S12

HO#2-Student Info Sheet for-S12 - would like to see...

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NS 1200 NUTRITION AND HEALTH: ISSUES, OUTLOOKS AND OPPORTUNITIES STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET Last name: First name : E-mail address: Expected graduation date : College: Major : 1) Why are you taking this class? (Please circle all that apply) I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE FIELDS OF FOOD, NUTRITION AND HEALTH. I NEED HELP EXPLORING CAREER OPTIONS. I HEARD THAT THIS WAS A GOOD CLASS. I NEED THE CREDIT TO MEET GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. I NEED AN EASY 1 CREDIT COURSE. OTHER, PLEASE EXPLAIN: 2) What do you hope to learn from this class? 3) What other NS courses have you taken? 4) What type of learning experiences or support from Cornell would be helpful in exploring or developing your career interests? 5) Do you have any questions, concerns, or issues about career interests that you
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Unformatted text preview: would like to see addressed in this class? I M P O R T A N T : Attendance of 12 (including mandatory attendance of the final week, 5/4) of 13 guest speaker sessions (not including the first day of class) is one of the requirements for passing this class. If you anticipate any extra absences (such as for sports, family events, or interviews), please contact the instructor in advance to get an approval so that you can still meet the attendance requirement. A doctor’s note will be required for any absence related medical problems. Please sign below to indicate that you understand the attendance policy. Student signature Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University NS 1200 Handout #2...
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