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HA 3365: Reasoning Types and Examples * Reasoning types Examples Categorical (putting things into categories by means of classification and equating the categories with each other). Example A : Every whale is warm-blooded. Example B : Everything at Dunkin’ Donuts is fattening, so this donut has to be at least 300 calories. Reciprocity (asserting a hypothetical relationship between two situations or conditions and implying a mutual dependence/similarity between them). Example A : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (i.e., two situations should be treated alike.) Example B : You fired Scott last year for missing less time than Susan has missed, so she should be terminated, too. Analogy (making an attribution about something that is unknown; comparing two situations – either literary or metaphorically). Example A : This company is like a racehorse. It's run fast and won the race, and now it needs feed and rest for a while.
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