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HD3240 11.9 reflection

HD3240 11.9 reflection - The group of children just...

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The group of children just finished making a sand castle…. “Whoa!! Let’s make another!” said Henry. “Let’s put another and then another on top!” said Annie. “That’s the best sand castle I’ve ever seen!” I said. “Isn’t it just wonderful, Molly?!” exclaimed Isabelle clapping her hands and giggling. Rinko was waving her shovel in the air, “Here, here… More mud, more mud!” Olivia was diligently picking all of the leaves out of the sand as Gracie, Annie, and Mia filled the next bucket. Maya, Tomas, Griff, and Harry were flattening the “foundation”. As you can probably tell, this was a very involved effort. We had some leveling the ground where we would put the sand castle… others were making mud… others were filling buckets…. It truly was like we had our own construction team. Taka had been observing and wanted to be involved, but preferred to watch for a while to see what was going to happen.
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