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Molly McMahon PAM4470 11.3.2011 In her study of working-class and middle-class families, Annette Lareau discovered that they tend to take different approaches to parenting. For example, working-class parents often place more emphasis on physical discipline, whereas middle-class families more often take the child’s perspective into consideration and work through conflict via discussion and compromise. Going further, Lareau explains the differing parenting strategies used to socialize children of working and middle class households. The first is a term Lareau coined “concerted cultivation”. Generally seen in homes where parents hold white collar professions (both black and white families- race had no real bearing on this effect), concerted cultivation channels a child’s talents through organized activities- sports, music lessons, clubs, etc. The second, which is more common to working class families, is “natural growth” parenting. This style is more
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