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Molly McMahon PAM4470 11.10.11 McLanahan and Percheski discussed how the impact of parental divorce and being raised in a single-parent home tends to lead to negative child outcomes, while those raised in a two-parent married “traditional” family tend to fare much better. In fact, McLanahan and Percheski argue that the differences in family structure lead to such divergent outcomes financially, educationally, and occupationally for children, that it ultimately leads to an even more pronounced reproduction of class, race, and gender inequalities. Taking this idea, Musick and Meier looked specifically at family conflict and its effects on child outcomes. They found that children in families that face a high frequency of parental conflict score worse on measures of academic achievement, are more likely to develop behavioral problems, and they experience a greater amount of disruptions to their psychological well-being. Children
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