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physics 2d, quiz 1 notes - Relativity is the method for two...

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Relativity is the method for two people to agree on what they see if one person was moving. If you are traveling in a car, there is no sensation of motion at all if you are in the car. Relative to the car, you are not moving. When the car is moving at constant speed, you feel like you are just sitting still. You have to ask, how fast you are moving relative to some other thing. Two observers can simply add or subtract their speed with the respect to each other to any measurement of velocity they make. Maxwell’s equations. Electricity can be used to make magnets, and magnets can be used to make electricity. Maxwell’s equation unified electricity and magnetism. Electromagnetism is when something travels through space at exactly the measure of the speed of light. According to Maxwell, light was an electromagnetic wave that move through empty space with the speed of 3X10^8 m/s. But what is it relative to. It is said that the speed of light is moving relative to everything. If Maxwell was right, then the light moves with a velocity of c, 3X10^8 m/s. If classical relativity was right, then there is no absolute velocity. Then the velocity of light should depend on who’s doing the measuring and their motion relative to the source of the light. Both can’t be right, Albert Einstein was able to find the way out of this crisis. Problem with classical physics? 1. Faraday’s law, changes in magnetic flux generate electromotive force (voltage) = current / time. Magnetic flux is the magnetic field times the area. When you have a change in magnetic flux, you generate a magnetic field (electromotive force). However, systems do not like change. When the magnetic flux changes, the current is induced. It will try to bring back the current. It will generate a current in such a direction that the
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physics 2d, quiz 1 notes - Relativity is the method for two...

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