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Daniel Yoon Expository Writing 101 Professor Brennan September 23, 2010 The psychological system comprises primarily of complex defense mechanisms in order to preserve the fragile human mind. Whether it is a mere insult from a stranger, or a personal attack on ones character from a relative, defense mechanisms are what helps people cope with the difficulties. Likewise the theory presented by psychologists Daniel Gilbert provides a thourough look into the human psychological immune system. His understanding on why the human mental defense mechanism exists appears to contradict Malcolm Gladwell’s “Power of Context” theory, however both theories parallel each other in their explanations on how the human psychological defense functions. Thus despite the seemingly glaring contradictions in their theories, the psychological immune system theory provided by Gilbert directly correlates with the Power of Context theory, illuminating how the human mind functions Psychologist Daniel Gilbert understood the importance of focusing on the study of happiness according to the human mind. Specifically Gilbert pinpointed how humans build up an immune system in order to preserve or protect their own integrity against outside insults. Ultimately the human immune system according to Gilbert is a means for humans to compensate or make excuses for unfavorable circumstances that inflict potential damage to their character. Gilbert believes that the reason for the complex development of the human immune system is a matter of happiness. Despite the cliché, the level of happiness is in fact a viable achievement for
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most people. Whether it is a dream job, purchasing an expensive sports car, or marrying a European super model, the purpose of human actions is to achieve happiness. Thus when
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Expos_paper2 - Daniel Yoon Expository Writing 101 Professor...

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