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Daniel Yoon Expository Writing 101 Professor Brennan October 19, 2010 Understanding the flexibility of the human mind, it becomes simple to imagine that creation of context can alter the past, present, and future circumstance. A prime example is the process following epiphanies. An epiphany is not a common occurrence, yet one is obtained through no effort at all. Rather an epiphany is a sudden and usually provoked illumination of revelation or realization. An insight into a fundamental necessity of life or introspect into the meaning of life itself. Essentially an epiphany becomes a catalyst for one to pursue or undergo specific actions to achieve or change a situation. The revelations occurring through epiphanies allow one to create a context to derive goals that can alter circumstances of the present and future by reflecting on the past. How an epiphany comes into being is not an important question. Rather unraveling the process an epiphany takes once it has been formulated is a query worth pondering. The most crucial step in the process is the revelation or realization aspect, which leads to the creation of context pertaining to a present situation. Once the revelation is understood, the human mind can produce a context to compensate, then ultimately help achieve the goal of the original epiphany. Furthermore the creation of a context will allow an individual to perceive their own situation and focus on building and reflecting on past experience in order to prepare and enhance their potential of a post epiphany future.
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Following the idea of creating context as the result of an epiphany, the idea of self- delusion comes to mind. Self-delusions are a function of the psychological immune system that acts as a defense mechanism to help protect a person’s integrity. As Professor Gilbert so
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