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Daniel Yoon Expository Writing 101 Professor Brennan November 4, 2010 Understanding “who we are?” would be a noteworthy accomplishment, however merely grasping the idea of “where we are?” would be a momentous achievement. Since the earliest signs of civilization quarrels over borders and wars over land have marred the history books of every nation. These struggles symbolized the desire of men to create for themselves an everlasting memory, thereby defeating the ultimatum of becoming just another body in the ground. This desire is a natural impulse to understand “where we are?” or more specifically, “if I am here, how can I exist in order to be more than just an existence?” In order to understand this inclination analyzing the works of Dillard with respect to Gilbert and Nafisi, reveal the underlying facts that potentially lead to an answer. Foremost, understanding how to decipher Annie Dillard’s seemingly quantitative writing is essential to unlocking the thesis as well as the pertinent information tying Gilbert’s studies and Nafisi’s experience together. Dillard’s use of statistics offers a refreshing and new perspective to analysis and detail. The repetition of facts drills the theme Dillard is presenting without having to say it outright. This literary device creates a logical and systematic way to portray a multidimensional topic to the reader in the simplest terms. However Dillard’s elementary style is not void of eloquence. Her writing contains a simple sophistication, as she is able to derive and illuminate her theme through the fewest words while also providing abundant factual evidence
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that is attractive to many readers. Her seemingly nonsensical statistics quickly are associated with other numbers and merge with ideas to create a cohesive essay that expels ideas and analysis, just as proficiently as any thesis. Ultimately Dillard’s writing can be expressed as blunt.
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exposessay4-1 - Daniel Yoon Expository Writing 101...

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