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Yoon, Daniel Daniel Assignment 2: Completed Summary 10/15/10 To: Mr. Daniel Date: 10/15/10 From: Daniel Yoon Subject: “Bribery in International Business Transactions The article reports that corruption and bribery within international business transactions occur most frequently between firms from: developing nations, nations with high levels of domestic corruption, and nations that have not ratified specific anti-bribery policies in their government. Developing Nations Foster Corruption Research by anti-corruption agencies has shown that developing nations are more likely to harbor corruption and bribery than developed nations. The reason for the higher existence of bribery within developing nations is due to the lack of ethical political institutions and instability in the government. Because most developing nations suffer from ongoing civil strife and changes in government, the political system suffers and is more susceptible to corruption and bribery. Afghanistan, for example is rated one of the most highly corrupted governments in the
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BFassignment2 - 1 Yoon, Daniel Daniel Assignment 2:...

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