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Business Forum Ethics HW

Business Forum Ethics HW - the employee would then report...

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Daniel Yoon Oct 19, 2010 Professor Martin Markowitz Business Forum: Ethics in Business - Define Organizational Culture… Organizational Culture is attitude, psychology, beliefs, and values of an organization that determines the environment of its management. Essentially the Organizational Culture of an organization or company is determined by their own set of standards and regulations determining what is ethical and appropriate, specifically in the workplace. - Describe a positive Organization Culture… Describe a negative Organization Culture… A positive Organization Culture is one that emphasizes ethical standards and rewards ethical behavior. For example, should an employee existing in a positive Organizational Culture of a company discover that certain figures representing the company’s worth have been falsified,
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Unformatted text preview: the employee would then report such a matter to a superior without fear or concern of getting fired. On the other end of the spectrum, a negative Organization Culture within a company might discourage an employee from reporting such a matter due to fear of getting fired or even black-listed from potential jobs.-What effect does the organization culture have on you? Your decision to work at that organization? Having a positive Organizational Culture is an important factor when determining which company I would work for. Furthermore this would encourage me to uphold ethical behavior and set my own standards of ethical code for any future careers....
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Business Forum Ethics HW - the employee would then report...

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