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Yoon, Daniel Professor Daniel Assignment 4: Consultant’s Report 12/16/10 Yoon Consulting Company New Brunswick NJ December 16, 2010 Mrs. R. K. Hill, Pres. Mountainside Industries Co. 1234 Mountain Street Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Dear Mrs. Hill: Enclosed is our report on your general management system and development of central coordination within Mountainside industries Co. If you have further questions after reading the report, please give us a call Yours truly, Daniel Yoon President Enclosure 1 1
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CREATING TIGHTER COORDINATION BETWEEN THE FOUR DIVISIONS OF MOUNTAINSIDE INDUSTRIES Co. Mismanaged coordination between the four divisions of Mountainside Industries Co. (candy, toys, crafts, and furniture) has led to inefficiencies, lost opportunities in lowering production and advertising costs, and failure to compete against other companies. Furthermore the lack of ability to streamline the four divisions stems from the inadequacies of the current general manager, Don Henson, as well as lenient policies, and the “benevolent owner” philosophy that does not promote any coordination between the divisions of the company. In order to remedy these problems and streamline Mountainside Industries into a more efficient company, Yoon Consultants recommend taking immediate steps to address the abilities of Don
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businessforumassignment4 - 1 Yoon, Daniel Professor Daniel...

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