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Works Cited Altucher, James. "HPQ Acquires ARST - What's Next? - Financial Adviser - WSJ." WSJ Blogs - WSJ . Web. 19 Nov. 2010. < adviser/2010/09/13/hp-acquires-arcsight-whats-next/?KEYWORDS=hewlett packard>. "EBSCOhost: DATAMONITOR: Hewlett-Packard Company." EBSCO Publishing Service Selection Page . Web. 19 Nov. 2010. < b=buh&AN=50447008>. "Hewlett Packard Company." Http:// . Web. <
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Unformatted text preview: ation/index.html>. "Hewlett Packard Internship | America's Best Internships - InternshipKing." The World's Best Internships | InternshipKing . Web. 19 Nov. 2010. <>. "HP." Http:// . Web. <>. Sherman, Erik. "The HP CEO Scandal: Six Lessons Every Company Should Learn | BNET." BNET - The CBS Interactive Business Network . Web. 19 Nov. 2010. <>....
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