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Intro to business9:7:10 - Marketing Relationship CHAPTER 2...

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Intro to business 9/7/10 CHAPTER 1 Changing the face of business Profit and non-profit Capitalism Partnerships Outsourcing Framework of contemporary business What is a Business? Profit seeking activities and enterprises provide goods and services necessary to an economic system Profit is the reward for businesspeople who take the risk involved to offer goods and services to customers Factors of production- Natural resources Capital Human resources (labor) Entrepreneurship Capitalism Adam smith is the father of capitalism Economics system determines business ownership, profits, and resources Rewards firms for their ability to serve the needs of consumers Minimized government intervention Competition is the battle among businesses for consumer acceptance Six Eras in Business Colonial Industrial Revolution Industrial Entrepreneurship
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Relationship CHAPTER 2 Business ethics and Social responsibility Tech, ethical issues Whistle blowers CHAPTER 3 Economic challenges facing contemporary business Macroeconomics Supply and demand Pure competition Monopoly Barriers to entry Som CHAPTER 4 Competing in World Markets Absolute advantage Deficit/surplus Exchange rate Social. Cultural barriers Trade restrictions CHAPTER 5 &6 Options for Organizing a small and large businesses and Entrepreneurship Small business and women Outsourcing SBA Franchise Sole proprietor CHAPTER 7 E-Business: Doing business online Secure sockets layer E-commerce Pop-up ads Federal laws CHAPTER 8 Management Leadership, and the Internal Organization Top/middle/supervisory management Human skills Vision Contingency planning Mission statement...
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Intro to business9:7:10 - Marketing Relationship CHAPTER 2...

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