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Daniel Yoon Intro to business Professor Reaves K21 9/30/10 Economists React: Not Start of ‘Sustained Recovery’ in Housing URL: recovery-in-housing/?KEYWORDS=supply+and+demand As Macroeconomics shows, the result of a lower aggregate demand results in both lower prices as well as lower profit. Furthermore this drives supply down, decreasing the overall production rate of companies. The overall result is the loss of jobs and decline of both GDP and
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Unformatted text preview: consumption. In correlation the housing market (despite economist declaring the end of the recession earlier this year) is still suffering from low demand as well as price deflation. Both government officials and economist agree that an increase in demand specifically in the housing market is needed to spur a speedy economic recovery. However a bright economic future remains imminent, as home sales have risen 7.6% on the past month showing signs of recovery....
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