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Daniel Yoon Intro to business Professor Reaves K21 12/2/10 Starbucks to Open China Coffee Farm, Securing Global Supply URL: ? Starbucks Corp. has over 400 stores within Mainland China, however the corporation has decided to plant hundreds of new stores in the country as well as capitalize on the coffee farm market by purchasing numerous coffee farming grounds. While numerous competitors are also looking for fertile grounds to grow coffee beans, Starbucks has looked toward Chinese, Yunnan- grown coffee beans in order to compete with the growing coffee market. Furthermore Starbucks
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Unformatted text preview: plans to venture into the instant coffee market in order to capture the Chinese market, which heavily purchases instant coffee. In addition it appears that the Yunnan government plans to increase the amount of land it allocates for coffee growing and plans to invest three billion yuan in the next decade to increase coffee production to 200,000 tons annually from 38,000 tons. Thus while coffee drinkers in China lack compared to millions of coffee addict in the US, Starbuck Corp. believes that growth in China will be quick to catch up with the US and increase overall profitability....
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