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Daniel Yoon K21 Professor Reaves Intro to Business 10/7/10 Have It Whose Way? At Burger King, management and franchisees are locked in battle over the company's  direction url: The relationship between Burger King franchise owners and Burger King Holding Inc. has met with heavy tension over the past six years. The marketing division at Burger King Holding Inc. has struggled to compete in the struggling environment and was severely outperformed by other fast food chains such as McDonalds. As a result profits from franchises
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Unformatted text preview: have plummeted as franchisees turn to Burger King executive management for solutions. Overall Burger King Inc. has neglected to pour money into advertising in order to manage their budget, while at the same time decreasing the value of items on the Burger King menu in order to increase production and their own profit. However the reduction of price impacts the franchisees rather than Burger King Inc. Consequently franchisees demand a change or restructured marketing system in order to pull the Burger King franchises from their economic slump....
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