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Daniel Yoon K21 Professor Reaves Intro to Business 10/14/10 J.P. Morgan Commodities Chief Takes the Heat URL: mod=WSJ_mgmt_LeftTopNews Ms. Masters, one of J.P. Morgan’s top executives is undergoing tight scrutiny after multiple blunders in managing the commodities market losing millions of dollars in revenue. Globally the trading of commodities has been rising for years, however as J.P. Morgan pushed to enter the sector, other private companies like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley provide fierce competition for J.P. Morgan. Consequently on top of the heavy pressure from
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Unformatted text preview: competing firms, the mismanagement of Ms. Masters, Commodities Chief, has led to more than 100 job cuts this year. Furthermore the losses continue to affect the company’s goal to achieve their 1.7 billion dollars in revenue. Ms. Masters as well as the board of directors must consider her performance before leaving her in a position that she may not be able to handle. Addressing the issue, as well as making up for the lost revenue will be a difficult process, however under good management can potentially be done....
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