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Daniel Yoon K21 Professor Reaves Intro to Business 12/7/10 Dow Touches Two-Year High URL: mod=WSJ_Markets_LeadStory The Dow Jones Industrial Average has recently reached its highest numbers in two years. This increase in the value of stocks represents the slowly recovering economy and shows god signs for future economic stability. However despite the increase, the Federal Reserve plans to maintain its easy money policies and keep short-term interest rates low as well as purchase bonds
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Unformatted text preview: in order to increase the money supply. Many fear that this would increase inflation and ultimately results in a liquidity trap, however the Federal Reserve maintains that prolonging these policies is essential to the recovery of the economy. Further signs of recovery appeared in consumer spending, specifically because of holiday shopping. Hopefully the increase consumer spending trend will last through more than just the holiday season, and the Fed policies maintain a recovering track for the economy....
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