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Origin of Animals Evolution of Animals After the split between the protostomes and the deuterosteomes, the protostomes split to form two major subgroups, the Ecdysozoa and the Lophotrochozoa Themes in the Diversification of Animals? Within each animal phylum, the basic features of the body plan do not vary from species to species The diversification of species within each lineage was triggered by the evolution of … Innovative Methods for Feeding 1. suspension (filter) feeders – filter particles using a wide array of structures 2. deposit feeders - eat through a substrate 3. fluid feeders – liquids: 4. mass feeders – chunks of food Innovative Methods for Feeding What Animals Eat algae or plants other animals detritus a) mouthparts vary b) structure of mouthpart correlates with method of feeding Suspension Feeders Harvest Suspended Food Krill filter feed using their legs . Legs
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