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GENETIC DIVERSITY AND EXTINCTION Lemur Golden lion tamarin Outline Genetic diversity and small population size Minimum viable population Immigration/emigration Genetic consequences – inbreeding Small Populations Central issue : how small populations can maintain genetic integrity - focus on population consequences of rareness and the ability of small populations to survive Genetic Diversity intraspecific variation or gene diversity studied by geneticists Genetic Issues The maintenance of genetic diversity in rare and endangered species • Relationship between heterozygosity and fitness • Loss of genetic diversity from small populations • Genetic considerations • small population size • inbreeding • genetic drift • Demographic considerations • immigration/emigration Genetic Diversity
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population/s, protecting these populations is key to preserving these species • What sizes of populations are needed to save a species? • Must be large enough to: cope with chance variations in demography (births and deaths), environmental changes, genetic drift, and catastrophes What factors can cause a species to go extinct? Minimum Viable Population Size (MVP) the “smallest isolated population having a 99 percent chance of remaining extant for 1000 years despite the foreseeable effects of demographic and environmental stochasticity, and natural catastrophes.” Defined by M.L. Shaffer The actual MVP for a species depends on the life history of the species and the ability of individuals to disperse Minimum Dynamic Area (MDA) is the area of suitable habitat necessary for maintaining the minimum viable population Based on the home-range size of the individuals, family groups, or colonies Minimum Viable Population Minimum Dynamic Area • Focus: on top predators Why? Rational:
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Bio153_Lecture19_geneticdiversity_sv - Outline GENETIC...

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