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Herbst notes mt2 - Islam- Looking Back o Leadership...

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Unformatted text preview: Islam- Looking Back o Leadership (Caliphs) Elected • 1 st 4 Caliphs, 7 th Century Dynasty • Umayyad, 7 th – 8 th Century • Abbasid 8 th – 13 th Century o Baghdad =Sunni – vast major of the Muslim world. Opposition • Party of Ali o Shia – minor of the Muslim world. o Imam- Dar al-Islam – is the country of the entire Muslim world. Domination of one religious group. o Diversity – Arabs, Persian, Berbers, West Africans, Egyptians, etc. o People realize Indian invention was the best. Arabic numbers = 0,1,2,3,4.. o Buttatu is the best traveled man in the world. He traveled for 30 years and covered over 75,000 miles. He finds China very odd, how are they so wealthy but they are not Muslim. o One of the places Buttatu traveled to was the Turks. They are many different tribes and speak a Turkic language. The language expands from Turkey to China. Worlds of Islam- Military Role – the Turks entered as slaves o Bodyguard of Caliphs (9 th Century) – Caliphs often dies. o Mamluks – military slave, owned by a Caliph. A caliph trains him and would protect the caliph. They are not agricultural laborers. They are protecting the most important person in the Muslim world. They would want to risk their lives to protect the caliph, because if the caliph dies, they will no longer be elite for that caliph. The next caliph will hire some other mamluks. The son of the caliph wants to be the caliph, so they can’t wait until his father dies. o Generals Cf., Germans @ Rome- Seljuq (11 th – 13 th Century) – they enter Islam as Muslim Turks and they capture Baghdad. They were Sunni Muslims. They lack legitimacy, they were like a gang. Seljuq respects the caliphs o Baghdad o Caliph and Sultan – in return caliphs give seljuq legitimacy, the sultan. It is a sign or leadership- Accommodation? o Caliph o Ulama – they are the military elites. o Islamic Law & Tradition Sunni vs Shi’ite – Sunni will crush the Shi’ites. They will be the greatest patronage. o Patronage Mosques, Madrasas, etc. Sufi Brotherhoods o Military Dominance- Mamluk Sultanate o 13 th – 16 th Century o What is a Mamluk? o Baybars – is a defective mamluk, a mamluk placed in the barrack. They get examined by caliphs, and if they are no good, they are placed someone. o Source & Purchase – these young mamluk are purchased when they are around 13. They pretty much spend their entire life in the barracks. They don’t have parents, their family are other mamluks. o Training – they eat, sleep, and die training at a mamluk. Code – code of horse riding. Mamluks are always riding/on their horses. • Furusiyya Recreation Family - They are not allowed to marry. It is a one generation of elite....
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Herbst notes mt2 - Islam- Looking Back o Leadership...

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