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What is the Arabic word for people of the book? Dhimmis What term describes the system of racial hierarchy that existed in the new world colonies? Casta The majority of slaves brought to the new world from Africa, which was the more common gender? What is the Aztec capital city? Tenochtitlan What was the name of the people who settled in MA and set out to build a city on a hill What is the number one export from the Caribbean Sugar Tolerance of what religion led the Mongols to… Buddhism Which Japanese term refers to a powerful local leader Daiymo Which minority group was blamed by the Christians
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Unformatted text preview: Jews • The black death came into Europe from which direction The East • Which country did not establish colonies Germany • 4 th crusade culminated in the sacking of what city? Constantinople • What is the etymological origin of the word tsar? Cesar • Which medieval Russian tsar protected the orthodox church Nevsky • 3 Romes Rome, Constantinople, Moscow • In which geographical area did the Ottoman Empire begin? Anatolia • Treaty of Tordesillas, pope divided non-Christian world between which two powers? Spain and Portugal •...
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