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CIVL 262 – Introduction to Transportation System Tutorial Quiz 3 27 Feb2009 N a m e : S t u d e n t I D : General flow models QUESTION 1 For simplicity one proposes a double linear relationship with an optimal flow rate between flow rate and density of traffic on Freeway 261. Based on past observation data, the q-k relationship is shown in the following figure. k (veh/km) q (veh/hr) 25 125 1500 A 3m-long weight sensitive loop detector is installed to measure flow on Freeway 261, which can distinguish up to 3 vehicle types. The observation of the detector on at clock hour 10:00a.m. to 11:00a.m. on Feb 1, 2001 is listed in the table. Type Vehicle Average vehicle length (m) Average coverage time over the loop (sec) Vehicle Composition by volume (%) 1 Private car 6 0.600 30 2 Coach/Bus 10 1.300 30 3 Container Trailer 12 1.125 40 Find the density of that observation hour on Freeway 261. Solution: Part 1 Speed Mean Speed v s From the table, the average vehicle speeds are: Type 1: hr km km
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(civl262)[2009](s)Quiz3-solution~PPSpider^_10073[1] - CIVL...

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