Discussion 9 - Flx,+llx.;tl, \tl,xr| , X;-lJ PlY.'t...

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Disa,usion 1 IFOR lb \ Jrdf*i, h' hns s*4e; Ir , ^n o{ oY\. - t-+tP I , j'nd plxr *4r,r3,h* x,+r\0,=,J - U rril, tx,, t . o$ o.J o.l"L A 11ofrrly,, \r[x,*,]r*ll CI g b+l\ffi),1f 1,x,= Xrti,X,=\5 ? \ ? [xr+l ,xv=t ) ?= ? [t= ]lx,'l) = 0 ![xt ]\K=\\: t P $tl , x'=l ) + F (!+r, x"- t) N=r\vcl- P \x+r \K:l ) = o.$ ! t\+),x"-\) p(x,=r \tr.,.t ) 1\ x'=t) P (x,* Exal\e , ^o"ku Cho.in 0.4 A.l, 0.I a.? = o.( v\u- o o,]-. o'I o.t tut o\ t)t @e , p in*1,x,+r ,\+l 1x,=l \= P lx,+r\x,=\1 t lx+tl \vto+1)ffirJ [\ rnr^\t'$rc+i't^ vntc, lF,t. ,-e^\T[e.) ?(qU.[6r\[,t,/ .?tE U,r)) \- .l- g.t---u'8 0 !\n+llnfl,x1] ? f x+r \x,*,, xn=r ,xr=\J ?[x=rlx,*,,r,=tJ + l[x*'ln+r, ],'(,Y,={ r {x't^$l = plr+l\\,=\l ' ?[x,=t [e,x'=\J +f \n+1\\='J Plo-'lx+l,x,1J ![X,--., l:+t,X;-t) = t-t : 0.t P(X,=l,ffi],X,'ti ++- + ofi o.t
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P(xrallx,fl,\+J, X,'r )=
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Unformatted text preview: Flx,+llx.;tl, \tl,xr| , X;-lJ PlY.'t \x,+1,'rr+l,x,=U t ? It+ j \x#1, k+|,&l,b'rJ I lr,r[ t,+1,fr+J,&1j = P lx',+t1 xt-l 5 P [x,=' { r+t,x,tJ, x,1J t 1, IYrt] \Vti ?[r'\ x+t, x,+], l<,=( l o I \l [p", \X41,\tl, tr =rJ + o I ?1X'=r\tr.fj 'r\+\, x'"tJ -?\x,,r\X*l ,Yt*)^,. J= =ffiffii p(5:1,x,rilx"\) : f (Vrr,rrf)\ra,x.l) Pft=,iX,=l)l ?(xz={,K?iln'1,[=2) Pk'tX,=r) = ot'-f 0.1 ., u'f = o.lb1 u'lL" a''t !r^,\r,.v\7, ltUA\*lX,'r ) = o.l{ r'' I lxrr \r'tl, \ f!, r,'tJ =-t 0.1h vE1 = -t-=- T oB i -tat i=-oK o.f ,8 0. l\*o ,1, --l') I",\. o.r hno\ep h*1" Chn'h Urr*h I \\*l,x,r), \+t lxrj = ? U,tl, x113,(tll xi 1J \$J .=LT o.( o.L-g.r o-'t. o\ I I -\ =yUi *r\xJ rJ !, d9) lu ( t"' = t') o. )-...
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Discussion 9 - Flx,+llx.;tl, \tl,xr| , X;-lJ PlY.'t...

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